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Hello Friends, This blog is to help the IT professionals who want to become a professional SQL Server DBA but don't know how and from where to start with. So, I am going to share my experiences and my learning in this blog. Will talk about what are the pre-requisite skills required to become a Professional SQL Server DBA, how much time it takes to be a good DBA and what are the additional skill sets are required to become a good DBA. Apart from that I will also post real time sql server settings on server level and database level, Configuring High Availability. Also will share the Client requirements with real time setups if possible I will provide you with screenshots.

SQL Server connectivity Issues Troubleshooting Steps

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SQL Connectivity Issues: You might have observed or attempted to resolve SQL connectivity difficulties as a DBA. So, I decided to post some tips here… Read More »SQL Server connectivity Issues Troubleshooting Steps

AlwaysON Issues

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1. Quarantined nodes in Windows Failover Clusters: I’ve observed this issue on Windows Server 2016, where one of the nodes were quarantined after many node… Read More »AlwaysON Issues