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Server Side and SQL Side Requirements for SQL Server 2019

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SQL Server 2019 Requirements:

the necessary conditions for installing SQL Server 2019 on Windows servers.

Requirements for Hardware:

  • The disk space requirements for SQL Server will vary depending on the components you choose when installation, with a minimum of 6GB needed on the drive where SQL is being installed.
  • It needs at least 1GB of RAM, although Microsoft advises 4GB, and depending on the size of the database, we might need to increase the RAM for better performance.
  • Note that only x64 processors are supported for SQL Server installation. MS no longer provides support for x86.

Requirements for Software:

  • Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 is the minimal operating system requirement for SQL Server 2019.
  • It needs the.NET Framework 4.6.1, which Windows Server 2016/Windows Server 2019 will have already installed.
  • Additionally, it is preferable to have.NET Framework 3.5 installed because Database Mail needs it.

Supported Operating systems for SQL Server 2019:

SQL Server 2019 Supported Editions

Windows Server 2019 EnterpriseYESYESYESYESYES
Windows Server 2019 StandardYESYESYESYESYES
Windows Server 2019 DatacenterYESYESYESYESYES
Windows Server 2016 EnterpriseYESYESYESYESYES
Windows Server 2016 StandardYESYESYESYESYES
Windows Server 2016 DatacenterYESYESYESYESYES

Support on Server Core Operating System:

The following Windows Servers are compatible with installing SQL Server 2019 on Server Core:

Windows Server 2016 Core Edition

Windows Server 2019 Core Edition

You may obtain the SQL Server 2019 Installation Media file from the following link:

Page File Configuration:

Servers are configured by setting a pagefile with 1.5 times of memory (1.5*Physical Memory) to obtain a memory dump for upcoming examination.

Disk Volumes Details:

Disk performance must be taken into account for SQL and some applications that exhibit high I/O behavior. Data and log volumes must be on different disks or volumes.


VolumeDrive Mount PointSize in GBDisk Speed

Note: Mount point mount points do not inherit from mount point root permissions. These root permissions must be manually copied and set to the mount points.

Firewall Security:

TCP1433SQL Server/Availability Group listener (Default Port can be changed)
TCP5022SQL Server DBM/AG endpoint (Default port can be changed)
UDP1434SQL Server Browser
UDP2382SQL Server Analysis Services Browser
UDP2383SQL Server Analysis Services Listener
UDP49152-65535Dynamic TCP\UDP (Defined Policy or by Company)

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