SQL DBA Level 3 Support

L3 Level Services will be provided by the L3 Support  for Database Management services. All unknown / new errors and problems will be resolved by this L3 Support.

  • Database planning and Design services
  • Design any special application or security requirements.
  • For new software components determine how to deploy and support
  • Design database objects
  • Determine database parameters
  • Troubleshoot installation
  • Performance tuning of database parameters
  • Work closely with Problem Management organization on the remediation of all problems directly or indirectly related to database engineering.
  • Patch Deployment Process Determination
  • Identify vulnerable systems and determine severity
  • Determine Response until patch is available
  • Implement response until patch is available
  • Monitor for Patches and test
  • Identify patch effects like reboots to calculate deployment time
  • Deploy Patch
  • Confirm Patch Efficacy, no adverse effects
  • Recommend Server Placement/ Hardware Migration
  • Disaster recovery solution design, benchmarking, load testing, implementation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting, both internal and external.
  • Injection of HA (Alwayson, Clustering etc.,) Services assessment for new deployments/enhancements
  • Work with Vendors when required
  • Perform root cause analysis

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