SQL DBA Level 2 Support

Level 2 Services will be provided for the Databases receiving L2 as listed above. L2 Services will be provided in accordance with the procedures documented in the SOPs and will include:

  • Incident Management Services

  • Change Management Services

“Incident Management Services” mean the Services to resolve (or break-fix, as applicable). An Incident which has no known resolution will include the following:

The below all comes under L2 Level support Service.

  • Resolve and document Incidents
  • Break-fix and provide workarounds acceptable to the User that reported the Incident which do not require database changes
  • As applicable, escalate incidents requiring immediate attention by using escalation guidelines
  • Maintain Incident information in the Service Management System
  • Carry out daily, weekly and other regular reporting activities for Incidents
  • Maintain documentation for Incidents
  • Update and Maintain Incident information and will responsible for maintaining & updating operation handbook / Runbooks as well.
  • Startups/Shutdowns of database servers
  • Additional Space allocation
  • Object maintenance
  • Job Purging/reruns
  • Initial troubleshooting
  • Cluster ware troubleshooting
  • Set up database auditing
  • Database refresh
  • Standby/Mirror database re-instantiation
  • End User account requests (create, delete, reset password, roles)
  • Elevated privileges requests for existing or new roles
  • Elevated privilege challenge process
  • Non-expiry profile requests
  • Vendor software installation; includes RDBMS and related add-on products
  • Database creation, clones, copies and moves
  • Database upgrades as defined by the Refresh Report, Schema maintenance
  • Patch planning scheduling and installations
  • Database decommissioning
  • Implementing backup solutions
  • Scripts/tool based backup
  • Disaster recovery testing
  • Backup and recovery via various tools(e.g. – TSM, SQL Server Native tools/SQL Server,  Ad-hoc backup and restore)

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Hello Friends, This blog is to help the IT professionals who want to become a professional SQL Server DBA but don't know how and from where to start with. So, I am going to share my experiences and my learning in this blog. Will talk about what are the pre-requisite skills required to become a Professional SQL Server DBA, how much time it takes to be a good DBA and what are the additional skill sets are required to become a good DBA. Apart from that I will also post real time sql server settings on server level and database level, Configuring High Availability. Also will share the Client requirements with real time setups if possible I will provide you with screenshots.

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