SQL DBA Level 1 Services or Responsibilities

Level1 DBA Services will be provided for the Databases. L1 SQL DBA Services are provided in accordance with the procedures documented in the SOPs and includes the following:

1. Validate the category tickets.
2. Monitor all tickets which are related to databases in the Service Management System.
3. Check daily, weekly and other regular reporting activities as defined in the SOPs
4. Act as the central point of contact between Client and Company for tickets
5. Broadcast all the communications which are authorized by the Client to Users
6. Where ever its necessary, informed to Client and notified on the status and progress of all tickets.
7. Check the Database Instance availability .
8. L1 DBA’s Database monitoring (Query / Transaction/ Alert log / Trace file/Space etc. )
9. SQL Agent Jobs Monitoring
10. Replication / stand by monitoring
11. Object monitoring
12. Unauthorized / Inactive User Access
13. Backup status monitoring
14. Disk space / Table space utilization
15. Security related alerts and Configuration exception alerts
16. Availability Group Listener Availability
17. Update and record\Maintain Incident information.

Note : Report if any downtimes and uncommon system behavior to Client.

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